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Meditations In Wonderland · As a part of my spirituality challenge and cleanse...
August 8th, 2012

As a part of my spirituality challenge and cleanse period, meet my two favorite app addictions: Water Your Body (left) and Headspace (right), a water tracker and meditation app for your phone!

And by the way they’re both free :)

Basically I use both of these in tandem…

The water app helps me to track how much water I drink in a day, and you can choose from all different kinds of containers/water amounts (from small glasses to the ones I drank above to water bottles). This way it’s kind of a fun game to get my daily water requirement in, and it gives you graphs to help monitor your intake.

The meditation app is unreal. Formally it has a 10 day meditation challenge, about 10 minutes of a guided meditation per day. I’m on day 4 as you can see, and it’s really nice! I do it as soon as I wake up every morning. Whether you’re an experienced meditator or not they’re really great and it has definitely helped me with my practice. But the cooler thing about this app is that it has mindfulness reminders that pop up like text messages throughout the day! It also has meditation reminders. The BEST part about the app by far is the meditation timers for solo meditations. You can set reminders, and then set sounds and intervals and time yourself. It’s great for every level of meditator, and again makes it a fun way to keep yourself meditating and progressing.

Just a fun way to keep inspired on your health and spiritual path!



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    As a part of my spirituality challenge and cleanse period, meet my two favorite app addictions: Water Your Body (left)...
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