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Meditations In Wonderland
July 16th, 2014
For the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts.
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July 16th, 2014

Thanks To All Who Read My Excerpt Last Night!

If you haven’t read it yet you can see it here, I’m following all who like/reblog/comment!



July 16th, 2014
Who hasn’t asked himself, am I a monster or is this what it means to be human?
Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star (via autophagie)

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July 16th, 2014
Words cannot describe the beauty of that piece of writing! I could actually picture the scene in my head which means you have a great delivery. I really want to read more now, oh my o-o... which I'll have to wait for of course but yeah, you have done really well :D Give yourself a compliment and be happy of your achievement. :)

Thanks for believing in my writing! Your words meant a lot to me too. Thanks for taking the time to read it. More to come!


July 15th, 2014

An Excerpt From My Upcoming Novel, “Meditations In Wonderland,” Meet Elizabeth

Hi everyone,

I wanted to thank you all for all of the likes, reblogs, comments, and inboxes I received after I posted my first excerpt (which you can read here). I still can’t believe I reached 100! So as a thanks, I wanted to elbow my demon of self-doubt in the ribs by posting a second one.

One good turn deserves another, right?

Also as a thanks, I will be following everyone who likes/reblogs/comments/sends me a message about this excerpt. Because contributing your energy to this blog has left fingerprints on me and my writing in a way that can’t and won’t go unrecognized. So it’s my deepest and sincerest hope that you enjoy this!


In this excerpt of Meditations In Wonderland we get a chance to look intimately into my protagonist, 24-year-old Elizabeth, as she confronts her biggest demon: herself.

Elizabeth stumbled into the bathroom and groped the wall for the light switch with the needy but precise fingers of someone functioning from the blurred state between being awake and being asleep, where the subconscious mind still pulls the strings.

The light streaming in from the window behind her caught the medicine cabinet mirror, beckoning her. She flicked the light on, and rubbed her temples as she approached the sink. She couldn’t reach for her toothbrush. Instead her hands gripped the sides of the sink, her white knuckles complemented the porcelain as she held in a scream. It wasn’t the toothbrush she was after this morning.

“Almost there…” Elizabeth murmured as her eyes grew closer and closer to catching her own gaze in the mirror. Invisible needles pricked her spine as her eye contact grew more imminent, making her damp grip slide on the porcelain. Slowly, slowly, her eyes inched upward to meet themselves in her reflection.

When they finally connected she thought they looked like black holes, despite the fact that they were really a dark shade of green. To her they looked like doll’s eyes, as if behind their luster resided secrets long withheld, locked away beneath their glassy depths, entombed in a place few dared to reach. She saw the inset wrinkles on her forehead, and the faded acne scars. She saw the thin, white scar above her left eye where her childhood cat scratched her long ago. She saw the delicate skin under her eyes as an abyss of purple and twisted veins. The sight of her canvas of skin and sunken eyes made her furrow her brow, which only made the storylines on her face grow deeper. They began to look like trenches, and when Elizabeth tugged at them they only fell back into place like obedient soldiers. An acidic revulsion crawled through her and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention.

As she looked away the goose bumps that dotted her neck subsided, leaving her body cold. She picked up her toothbrush and threw it at the sink with such force that it was as if she wanted it to fly down the drain and reappear in another dimension.

“Ellie? You alright in there?” said her boyfriend, Adam, who sat with Fitz, their French bulldog, just feet away on the living room couch.

 “Yeah, I’m fine,” she called out to him, her pulse racing again, “I just dropped something.” It was on days like this that the studio apartment they shared took the form of a small labyrinth, with each sound reverberating against the walls and closing in on them in a broken chorus. She unwrapped her fingers from the sink and splashed cold water on her face.

“What’s wrong with you!” her internal monologue began, right on time, “Who can’t look at themselves in the mirror? Are you crazy?”

I welcome all feedback in my inbox. Every thought helps!

You can read all updates on the book here.

As always, thank you for reading.


July 15th, 2014

Check back in an hour for a new excerpt of “Meditations In Wonderland”!

All who like or re-blog will be followed! Thanks for your energy.

Nervous but happy to share! I literally couldn’t decide what excerpt to post until a few hours ago.

July 15th, 2014
I congratulate you on your book.. I have not yet looked into it but I assure you I will. Your blog and it's contents are golden so I wish you luck in the endeavour. Namaste to YOU this time, Anna :)

Thanks, friend! Feel free to share your thoughts on it with me if you get a chance!

I always welcome the good vibes.

Still posting the second excerpt tonight, at 9pm EST. I’ve been thinking about it all day, I kept going back and forth on what part I wanted to post! But I finally made up my mind for good I think, and I hope you’ll like it.


July 15th, 2014

New Exclusive Excerpt of my Fiction Novel, Meditations In Wonderland, TONIGHT At 9 PM EST!

Everyone who comments, likes or re-blogs will be followed! I appreciate all feedback, feel free to send your thoughts and energy to my inbox as well.

July 15th, 2014
If you believe in demons you will meet them - in this life as enemies, and in other realms of consciousness as devils or “evil spirits.”
Seth/Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality
July 14th, 2014

"Meditations In Wonderland" Book Excerpt Coming Tomorrow Night!

At 9pm EST.

Hope you’re ready to fall down the rabbit hole with me again,


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