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Meditations In Wonderland
July 27th, 2014
For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (via thepinesaredancing)

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July 27th, 2014
hey there! i saw your makeup post, and i just wanted to ask your opinion on how to start out wearing lip stick, i have light skin and dark red hair, and i always want to add color to my lips (i dont ever wear eyeshadow, just mascara and blush) without it being super dramatic like a bright red that i wear when i go out sometimes!

Hi beautiful,

For sure, as a fellow porcelain girl I can definitely help you out with this one!

From my understanding you’re asking for what I like to call the “my lips but better” shades. They seem elusive but really there are so many good ones.

First though, get a lip liner that is the same shade as your lips. Rimming your lips with a nude will ensure that your lipstick doesn’t slide around or bleed through the day/night. I recommend either subculture by MAC, tawny by Jordana, or the one that fits my natural lip shade is Dervish by MAC. If you want to just fill in your lips with the liner and call it a day that’s totally fine too.

Once you line your lips you should try out a few of these shades: Creme Cup by MAC, Angel by MAC, Peachstock by MAC, or Pink Plaid by MAC. So that’s MAC. I also would recommend some of the NYX butter glosses, you can wear that without the liner and just call it a night. Try the shade Eclaire! If you’re new to lipstick and working your way in you can try a stain instead! Some great stains for you would most likely be Benetint or Posietint both by Benefit.

(Only do this if you choose the lipstick over the buttergloss or stain) I like to set my lipstick by putting a thin Kleenex over my lips, taking a flully brush and dusting some loose translucent powder on top. It’s AMAZING how much longer this will help your pout last.

For red lips some lipstick shades that would work great on you from MAC (MAC is where I have most of my product knowledge for lip products, but you can always find tons of dupes by Milani or the NYX butter lipsticks): Lady Danger or Russian Red. Mostly Lady Danger though, that red would be STUNNING on you.

I hope this helps!



July 27th, 2014
What makeup products do you use/are your favorites? You do your makeup so aesthetically, it's absolutely stunning! With that, do you have any makeup tips you're willing to share? Thanks!


Oh girl… I’ve been secretly hoping someone would ask this question for SO LONG!

For those who follow me on Instagram you might have noticed I’m a bit of a makeup junkie. I actually just posted a photo earlier of my two July beauty favorites!

I did some freelance makeup at the end of high school through the start of college (for events like prom, bachelorette, formals, sorority, etc). It was kind of an easy way to get some side money during college on my own schedule but I also made a lot of great friends! Doing makeup allowed me to meet the best girls and I got really close with so many of them, a lot of whom I am still friends with today. Mostly I just do makeup for my friends now or whoever asks.

Anyway, to answer your question, in the picture above (that’s my makeup desk) you can see some of my favorite products (minus the Versace crystal, I switched my perfume to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid recently when I finished the bottle). These are my MUSTS:

  • Foundation: Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation (set with Makeup Forever HD translucent pressed powder, or a MAC pressed mineralize skin finish for a glowy look or a MAC pressed careblend if you want a matte look. Top off after blush/bronze/highlight with the Makeup Forever HD translucent loose powder)
  • Bronzer: Suntan Matte (or Amber Lights depending on your skin tone) from Smashbox
  • Blush: the MakeupGeek blushes are amazing. Or Warm Soul by MAC, this is all dependent on skin tone
  • Highlight: either Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight (not pictured) or MAC soft and gentle
  • For brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade and the setting gel
  • Eye primer/base: MAC paint pot in “painterly”
  • Mascara: my ride or die for years… Lancome Hypnose. The holy grail mascara for both top and bottom lashes, you can achieve any look with this, dramatic or natural
  • Shadows: I’ve really gotten into MakeupGeek eyeshadows lately but mostly I use MAC. You can really do any look with the following (from MAC): Orb, Carbon, Woodwinked, Embark, Saddle, Typographic, Shroom, Naked Lunch and Shadowy Lady
  • Eyeliner: for a kajal pencil I like Stila’s kajal in Onyx and for gel I like the maybelline eye studio, it’s the darkest black I’ve found in a gel, even darker than MAC’s blacktrack
  • Brushes: I get all of mine through Sigma Beauty. They’re better than MAC’s and for a way more reasonable price. I always recommend them to clients, and no I’m not sponsored by them or anything. If you want to know the specific brushes let me know!

So at the risk of this going ON and ON haha if you want any specific tips/tricks/techniques just let me know and I’d be happy to answer those individually!

Also, if you tell me your skin tone/type and eye color I can give you more specific product recommendations.

Beauty talk is such a fun and lighthearted topic for me so thank you for your curiosity and energy here!

Namaste and may your winged eyeliner always be straight,


July 26th, 2014
We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s.
Kifah Shah (via thatkindofwoman)

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July 26th, 2014
if there’s something you really want to believe, that’s what you should question the most.
Penn Jillette  (via thatkindofwoman)

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July 25th, 2014
How do you see yourself in your spiritual growth? Are you enlightened or near it?

Hi anon,

Oh gosh. Thank you for your question, and for your confidence in me! But the answer is a firm nope nope nope.

I don’t subscribe to enlightenment. It’s difficult for me to conceive of a soul that’s ever finished, complete and perfect.

Deep down I feel that the universe doesn’t reward perfection, it rewards expansion. That’s what it’s doing after all.

But to answer the core of your question I think I’ve acknowledged many of the primary lessons I need to learn in this life, this go around – that is to say that I know what they are, I know what I need to work on, I know what I’m here to do. That in itself was a tough battle but I’m so grateful for it. The awareness at least gives me the chance to see day to day opportunities that arise to put those lessons to the test, to see if I grow or crumble.

Being aware is one thing, actually evolving and learning the lesson fully is another. Some of the lessons I’m here to learn are long-term, I think they’ll take a lot of growth across the board over many different experiences to help me truly fulfill them, most likely they’ll span across my whole life time. Others are short-term and can be taken care of relatively quickly, and once they’re sorted through some others will pop up, hungry for resolution. Realizing the difference between the two is another difficulty that spiritual growth can help to determine.

So I’m not sure if I can answer your question in the way you intended… I’ll never be perfect. I’ll never be finished. Boiled down that’s just what enlightenment seems like to me. I’ve taken multiple years of Buddhist classes, both in high school and in college, and that’s just what it always came down to it seems like. Truthfully I would never be content with that even if that weren’t true, my energy only seeks to expand, to go forward, and to never stop learning.

It’s a reality I think I’m coming to terms with through working on my novel, actually, because it’s a microcosm of the spiritual journey itself in many ways, or at least of my own. It’s “done” according to the definition of finished but I keep turning it over and over again in my palm anyway until the time comes when my intuition tells me its ready.

The difference between done and ready, spiritually, might be actually what I’ve been getting at this whole time.

I really appreciate your question, it gives me an opportunity to look within and I’m very grateful for that! Thanks so much for lending your energy here.



July 25th, 2014
Not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here.
Anthony Douglas Williams   (via thatkindofwoman)

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July 25th, 2014
Some people are born honest but I was not. How do i open up to the world and stop defending my (nonexistent) self against (nonexistent) threat? In other words, how do you achieve perfect honesty and kindness? My good intentions are too flimsy to answer this question without help. (Many blessings and congratulations on your book!)

Hi anon,

Your opening line sounds pretty honest to me! And also sounds like a pretty kickass opening line for a novel too. Mind if I borrow it sometime?

But I digress. I think “perfect” is where most people get hung up. Don’t strive to be perfect, it’s only going to be incredibly stressful, and, spoiler alert: perfection isn’t real. Instead, try taking it one experience or moment at a time. I promise you that the universe will present opportunities for you to test your openness, honesty, and kindness. During a moment of self-awareness when you see one of these opportunities arise, that’s your chance to engage in your practice. So cultivating a sense of awareness is the first key.

There’s a fair amount of self-work that goes into honesty. First, maybe through meditation or through another channel where you feel safe, ask yourself: what’s stopping me from being honest? Is it a fear of rejection? What parts of me am I trying to hide? Why am I trying to hide them? What happened the last time I didn’t hide, and what did that feel like for me?

They’re not easy questions to answer, but they’re not supposed to be. I think we’re all “born” with the “potential” to be honest, the rest is just building self-awareness and building your practice.

And be brave!



July 25th, 2014
Respectable reasoning. I don't have a definite answer. I once proposed this question to a friend and she said teleportation because if you're caught flying you would be tested on by the government. But it would still be awesome to fly.

That’s a fair point.

Also, thanks for all who commented on that “would you rather”!

I want to clarify one point. The reason I don’t necessarily align teleportation with “instant gratification” is because the gratification would come from the experience you have after you’ve gotten wherever you’re going, IMO. Teleportation is probably boring, but exploring ancient sites in Thailand after the teleportation occurred is where the gratification lies.

For example, flying would be an amazing experience, but for me personally I’d love the experience of maybe riding an elephant or snorkeling too, perhaps even more than flying (especially the elephant ride), but those things aren’t within reasonable physical flying distance from me. Teleportation is kind of a means to an end that offers an array of potential experiences, while flying offers only one. Flying. Which is great, but I think more potential lies from unencumbered travel.

So that’s my two cents.

Feel free to join in! And happy Friday!



July 24th, 2014
I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape - the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.
Andrew Wyeth   (via thatkindofwoman)

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